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Still Swimming

Finally, finally, summer is here. There’s a saying that Seattle summer doesn’t start until July 4th weekend and this year, at least, that is true. Today we’re looking at 82 degrees as the high and the sky and sea outside the office window are both perfect clear blue. I had to actually water my deck [...]

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Compulsive Gardener Alert

I don’t talk much about my garden, for this being a journal that looks like it should BE about gardening. It’s becoming appallingly clear, however, that I am a compulsive plant-buyer. I can resist clothes (it’s easy when you’re at the top range of even plus-size stores and 95% of other clothing stores don’t sell [...]

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Garden picturebook

A post, in words and photos: Two weekends ago, I got the yearning for spring color. Primroses are in season, so I hied myself to Sky Nursery and purchased a fine selection.

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