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A couple of months ago I set up a Monday Munchie Club at work.  Ten or eleven of us volunteered to take turns bringing in treats on a Monday.  Now, I didn’t specify what type of “treat” people needed to bring.  I didn’t care if they brought in fruit, home-baked cookies, or something else altogether.  […]

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Baking, mmm

One and a half pages into my ten page paper (single-spaced) and having a hard time focusing. I’m just burned out, my friends…the paper WILL be done by midnight next Sunday but ouch, it is going to hurt to make myself do it (and I’m a good paper writer, who generally thinks nothing of dashing […]

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Currently feeling asthma-wheezy and coughing intermittently, whether because of seasonal allergies or because I’m coming down with something, I do not know. Ciaran’s been coughing too, so maybe we’re fighting off a bug, although I’ve felt fine otherwise. Had a good appointment with my nutritionist yesterday. I like her quite a lot and would friend […]

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Comfort Food

A few of Beth and Piffle’s comments on my recent posts triggered some Africa memories. I don’t remember Burkina Faso in big chunks but in bite-sized morsels…here are a few. My mother made it her goal to try every weird Burkinabe food (well, okay, so it was Haute Volta when we first moved there…but the […]

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Fixing Myself

I was startled to find myself on the Fatosphere feed yesterday as I skimmed over my communities list on LJ. I’d asked to be added (albeit just with entries tagged “fat”) but didn’t expect it to happen as it had been so long. Of course, it was Ciaran’s birthday post and completely lacking in relevance […]

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My family doesn’t have many traditions, per se, but one of my favorite parts of Christmas is our annual cookie bake.  We do sugar cookies, Springerle, almond thumbprints (courtesy of the Joy of Cooking), Russian Teacakes, divinity, and Mennonite-style Pfeffernusse (Peppernuts).  Sometimes we throw in fudge or other recipes, but those are the traditional ones […]

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